Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow Review


A pregnancy pillow is considered a crucial item by many expectant mothers.  This specially designed pillow provides support to the spine, hips, and knees, and to the developing belly.  This pillow’s protective cushioning reduces discomforts associated with increasing body weight, minimizes pressure points, and enables the mother-to-be to rest comfortably throughout the course of her pregnancy.  It particularly enables the pregnant woman to lie comfortably on her side.  The pillow’s ample size and generous width means that the woman can turn over from one side to the other without needing to re-position the pillow.

Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow

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A pregnancy pillow is a very versatile item with many uses.  It resembles a long, wide body pillow.  Its soft, billowing, feathered padding is particularly beneficial to expectant mothers. The pillow softly cushions the woman’s back, shoulders, and stomach, while in a reclining position, so that typical pressure points are protected from stress.

The Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow is immensely helpful to new mothers, as well.  It provides gentle support both to the infant and to the mother during feedings, whether the mother is nursing or bottle-feeding the new arrival. Its soft comfort assists the mother and infant to achieve maximum relaxation, and thereby facilitates crucial mother-infant bonding.

The pregnancy pillow can additionally be used by males, children, or pets. Anyone who experiences spinal pain, arthritis, or other forms of bone, joint, or muscle pain will be greatly aided by the soft cushioning this item provides. The pillow gently contours along the length of the spine, during sleep and rest, thereby eliminating any stress and tension that might exacerbate any underlying musculoskeletal disorders.

Pets love the pregnancy pillow.  Its ample size and soft cushioning provides a safe, comfortable harbor for your dog, cat or other animal.  When the pillow is folded over, its buoyancy and comfort doubles.  Active pets can achieve extremely restful sleep, while the aging pet enjoys a cozy, cuddly place to linger and rest.

Health Benefits

Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow

Numerous health benefits result from a woman’s use of a pregnancy pillow during the nine-month gestation period.  A principal health advantage is the woman’s ability to obtain restful sleep.  Typically, a pregnant woman can experience sleep disruption stemming from a variety of causes.  The common denominator of these myriad sources of sleep disruption, however, is  discomfort.  This discomfort can consist of spinal pain; joint stiffness or pain in the shoulders, hips, or knees; and/or soft tissue pain resulting from excessive compression.

The pregnancy pillow will eliminate these sources of discomfort so that the woman enjoys the adequate sleep so crucial to her health and to the health of the developing fetus.  A second major health benefit of the pregnancy pillow is the elimination of musculoskeletal pain.  Others who use the pregnancy pillow will similarly enjoy these important health  benefits.

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