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Review of My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow

My Brest Friend Pregnancy Wedge, SunburstThe nursing pillow has gained lot of popularity over the years mainly due to the comfort it provides to the mother and the child while breast feeding. You will find nursing pillows of different shapes colors and sizes that are design according to the requirements of the parents. My brest friend nursing pillow is one such pillow that is meant to serve the same purpose. It provides proper support to you and your infant at the time of breast feeding. It helps the mums in a great way so that they don’t complain about back and neck pains in future. My brest friend nursing pillow is designed in such a way that the back rest will help in maintaining a perfect posture when feeding the baby. This is done with the help of the wrap around design of this pillow. It leveled at proper height so that you can place your baby at the breast level. This makes the latch-on process much easier as compared to other nursing pillows.


My brest friend nursing pillow will give you a more relaxed feeling and you will not get tired after the whole process. Apart from this, they also work for the babies to needs to be fed by bottle. They come in various attractive colors and designs like light blue and candy stripes, flower or letter prints, deluxe red, green and blue colors etc. the major benefit of using my best friend nursing pillow is that it relives the mother from the abdominal pressure. Due to this it is a great comfort tool for mothers who have undergone C-section.


Baby Nursing Pillow - Breastfeeding Pillows

Apart from the comfort of the mother, they are also designed for the comfort of the babies. The cushion placed on the front will prevent your baby from rolling away and will also eliminate the gap between your baby and you. You can rest your elbows and arms on the pillow thus avoiding shoulder pain. My brest friend nursing pillow has one better feature of a pocket. It is used for nursing and for keeping various accessories. The adjustable straps can be adjusted according to the ease of your child and you. They are very soft and the fabric used is hypo-allergic which prevents from over heating and sweating.

This nursing pillow is also very easy to clean and is also quite durable. Buy one for you and your child’s comfort and have a pleasant breast feeding experience.