Moonrest Firm – U Body Pillow Full Support and Comfort Pregnancy Pillow W/cover

The U Body Pillow Full Support and Comfort Pregnancy Pillow is the simplest yet most effective form of body support for women, during mid to late stages of pregnancy. This is what moms-to-be need, to help them get over muscle stiffness, body ache and mental stress, which are the three most common problems associated with pregnancy.

Product Description:

This ingenious product is the result of dedicated effort from a group of individuals, looking to help pregnant women catch some well-deserving sleep at night, as well as help them take a quick nap during daytime.

Its unique material combination and configuration, allows it to adjust automatically to your body’s ever-changing, natural contours during pregnancy. Hence, you do not need to adjust yourself now and then, theU Body Pillow Full Support and Comfort Pregnancy Pillow does that for you every time.

Pregnant women tend to feel uncomfortably hot, mostly from sleeping on one side. The unique material combination on this pillow, prevent excess heat build-up, providing optimum comfort in all weather conditions.

Moonrest Firm - U Body Pillow Full Support and Comfort Pregnancy Pillow W-cover

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·         U Body Pillow Full Support and Comfort Pregnancy Pillow, comes with a fully washable and replaceable cover, with an easy to operate, on/off zipper.

·         It is composed of polyester and cotton, combined in 50/50 ratio, enhancing durability.

·         Additional FIRM filling enhances rigidity and body support

·         This pillow measures 16 x 16 x 16 inches (length x breadth x height) and weighs approximately 8 pounds.

·         This pillow is highly portable due to low weight and has been designed exclusively to enable expecting mothers to shift it from one room to another, in case of emergencies.

·         Made in the United States of America

IMPORTANT – Women are advised against sleeping on their backs, during mid to late stages of pregnancy. Sleeping on the sides for long hours, without optimum body support is difficult and the primary reason for most forms of body aches during pregnancy.


·         The unique shape of this maternity cushion enables it to hug your body, providing sufficient backup to the spine, ribs and baby-pot at all times.

·         Use of soft and skin friendly materials provide maximum comfort every day all day.

·         Women can use this pillow for a variety of activities apart from sleeping or lying down.

·         Its unique hidden folds allow the legs to be bent without breaking off and can be used to sit up straight and read a book or watch television, etc.

·         Additional pack of multi-covers available in different shades and hue, designed to keep the mum (and baby, if necessary) jovial and cheery.


·         High price is a major turn-off, although, it is worth every penny.

·         So highly addictive that you might use it for the rest of your life!

User Reviews and Ratings:

This is the most useful product that I have come across, so far and would recommend women, pregnant or not, to use it, especially if you suffer from chronic back pain. -Kathryn M, CA

I bought this product for my girlfriend (she is not pregnant or anything!) a few weeks back, to help her get over a nasty pain in her hips. Didn’t actually expect it to work lol, but she is quite happy with it, so great buy! -Carl A, DE.

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