maternity belt or belly belt for pregnancy

Maternity Support Belts – Should You Wear Belly Belts?

It’s no secret that pregnancy is hard on your body. Most pregnant women experience cravings, mood swings, heart burn and back pain. Some of these symptoms just have to be endured, but your physical symptoms can often be decreased or eliminated with the right product. There are many products on the market to help get you through pregnancy as painlessly as possible, but do they really help?

How Maternity Belts Help

Wearing a correctly-sized maternity belt distributes the weight of your growing belly, effectively reducing pelvic pain. This is especially important toward the end of pregnancy, when your body releases hormones that relax your joints for delivery. The relaxing of the joints is the main reason that many women start to waddle toward the end of pregnancy. A maternity belt also holds the joints closer together, which makes it easier to walk without waddling.

Types of Maternity Belts

maternity belt or belly belt for pregnancy A regular maternity belt or belly beltĀ is a thick elastic band that is designed to fit around your stomach and back. You can adjust the belt to fit your body, but may need to buy a bigger size if it gets too tight. This belt is best for women who need light or medium support and are carrying a single baby.

A maternity girdle is designed for women who need more support than an ordinary maternity belt can provide. This garment supports the entire torso and provides a larger amount of support. Some maternity girdles come in two pieces, while others are in three pieces.

Prenatal Cradle - full pregnancy support systemWomen who are pregnant with multiples or need a large amount of support for their growing belly should consider a full maternity support or pregnancy/prenatal cradle. This garment works by changing the way weight from your belly is distributed. The cradle lifts up the majority of the weight so that it doesn’t rest solely on your relaxed pelvic muscles and joints. It’s important to note that maternity cradles have several straps that you may have trouble covering with your clothing.

Maternity Belt Sizing

Deciding on the best size maternity belt for you can be a challenge. It’s best to look at the size chart of the brand that you are buying. Some brands size by weight, while others go by your clothing size.

If you’re choosing a size by weight, make sure that you choose based on the weight you are right now, not how much you expect to weigh at the end of your pregnancy.

Remember that you’re likely to get bigger and heavier, so choose the next size up if you are close to the limit on the smaller size maternity belt.

If the brand you are considering is sized according to your dress size, make sure that you use your pre-pregnancy dress size to determine the right belt for you.

The maternity belt should be snug enough to hold up your belly and keep your pelvic bones closer together, but be careful not to make it too tight. You should be able to breathe and move comfortably.

Some women are concerned that wearing a maternity belt too tight may cause damage to the baby, but this is very rare if you are following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Wearing A Maternity Belt After Delivery

Some doctors recommend that their patients wear their maternity belt for a month or two following the delivery of their baby. Wearing the belt encourages the uterus to shrink quicker, helping women avoid looking like they are still pregnant.

Another benefit of wearing a maternity belt during the first couple of months postpartum is that it helps you have good posture and assists you in moving around comfortably. There are few benefits to wearing a maternity band for more than six weeks after delivery, so doctors recommend discontinuing use after your uterus has shrank back to it’s normal size.

Reviews – Top 5 Maternity Belts and Supporting Systems

1. Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Support Belt

Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Support Belt

Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Support Belt

One of the best things about the Gabrialla medium-support elastic maternity band is that it’s easily adjustable.
It stretches easily to grow with your belly and stays comfortable throughout the day.

This belt is one-piece and fits easily underneath your belly, making it simple to hide underneath clothing. You may want to wear thick fabrics if you are concerned about people seeing the lines of your Gabrialla maternity belt under your clothing.

It’s important to note that this belt runs small, so be sure to order the larger size if you are at the upper end of the size range or are measuring between sizes.

This belt provides excellent support when you are exercising, making it an ideal purchase for pregnant women who want to continue their active lifestyle as long as possible. Many women are even able continue running until the end of their pregnancies with the help of the Gabrialla medium-support maternity band.


2. JoJo’s Maternity Brace/ Belly Band

JoJo Maternity Brace

This maternity support brace is one of the best I have found. If you have back pain or pressure, the Jojo maternity support brace is amazing.

It’s especially helpful for women who were already suffering from slipped disks, sciatica or back pain before pregnancy. Your back pain is likely to increase as your belly grows and gets heavier, so wearing this support brace daily can help you be more comfortable and forget about your pain for a while.

It’s especially helpful toward the end of pregnancy when your belly is at its heaviest. Unlike many maternity support belts, this one has ventilation on the sides. This is especially helpful during the summer and for women who feel hot often during pregnancy.

It is easily adjustable to ensure a great fit throughout your pregnancy. Another benefit of the Jojo support brace is that the fabric is easily washable and doesn’t appear to break down when you wash it.

3. Mother-to-be Maternity Support System

Mother-To-Be maternity support system

If you work on your feet for long periods of time, the Mother-to-Be moldable support belt provides unbeatable support and comfort. This maternity belt is great for supporting and stablizing your lordotic curve, even if you spend hours on your feet every day.

It features a molded insert that rests close to your lordosis, keeping the structure of your spine in proper alignment. Women who suffer from sciatica should definitely order this belt, as it supports the spine better than other maternity support belts I have tried.

It’s best to buy the belt early in your pregnancy, rather than waiting until you are already very uncomfortable. Be sure that you order this belt according to the dress size you were before pregnancy, otherwise it is unlikely to fit well.

The only downside I can think of is that you may want to wear a thin shirt or tank top between the belt and your skin to minimize irritation.

4. Soft Form Maternity Support Belt

Soft Form Pregnancy Belt

Pregnancy is uncomfortable for most women, but wearing a Soft Form maternity support belt makes it much more comfortable.

This is one of the most adjustable maternity belts available, making it ideal to wear throughout your entire pregnancy. The front piece and back piece of this belt are separate pieces, making it easy to adjust it to fit your growing belly.

This belt is made of layers of laminate, lined with a cotton/nylon blend. It doesn’t contain any latex, which is great for women with latex allergies.

The elastic side panels ventilate the skin to minimize irritation, and there are stays that are built-in to the belt so that it doesn’t move or roll. This belt can be hidden under clothing, without being thin or flimsy.

It’s best to wear thick fabrics and long shirts if you’re concerned about people accidentally seeing your maternity belt. I recommend it to any pregnant woman who needs extra support that is comfortable to wear and easy to adjust.

5. Medline Curad Maternity Belt


Curad Maternity Belt

The Curad maternity belt is comfortable to wear throughout pregnancy, whether you are sitting or standing.

Round ligament pain is one of the worst things that a woman can experience during pregnancy, and this belt is great at supporting the belly and minimizing this pain.

The straps adjust easily, so getting the right fit for your body isn’t complicated. Be sure to adjust the straps throughout your pregnancy so that your belly is always properly supported.

Many women wait until they are in severe pain before purchasing a maternity belt, but the Curad maternity belt is so easy to wear that you can begin wearing it daily as soon as you are showing to avoid feeling the severe back and ligament pain that is commonly associated with pregnancy. Wearing this belt can help you make it through an entire day of working on your feet, even in the last trimester of pregnancy.

Wearing a maternity belt is not necessary for all pregnant women, but most find that they have less pain and more energy after wearing their maternity belt. This is especially true if they have had prior issues with their lower back or they have a job where they are on their feet for long periods of time. Finding the right belt in the right size may take a little time and energy, but most pregnant women quickly find that it is worth the effort.