Comfort U Body Support Pillow

Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow – Your all-in-one Tool for a Blissful Sleep at Night

The Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow automatically wraps itself around your body, putting you to sleep instantly. Had a rough day at the office? Not to worry, as this maternity pillow covers you up, from head to toe, in an extraordinary cradle of comfort, providing instant relief from stress.

Why To Choose Comfort U

Comfort U Body Support Pillow

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This product is made up of extremely high heat resistant polyester polymers, knitted together (often known as Fusion Fiber) for optimum comfort during use over long periods. It is skin friendly, soft & cuddly and prevents rashes and other forms of skin allergies, even during long term usage.

Adjustable clusters help you use this pillow in various forms, providing optimum levels of comfort while you sleep at night. Each strand of Fusion Fiber is independently adjustable, helping it curl around your body, creating correct angles for support.

Being heat resistant, this pillow can be washed and dried out in the sun, without having to worry about damaging the fiber or physical appearance, for that matter. This helps the Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow dry quicker than most other products in this range.


  • This maternity cushion provides the ultimate form of body support, enabling blissful sleep at night.
  • Fusion Fiber helps in reducing excessive heat generation, which is a problem with long hours of sleep
  • It is fluffy and best suited for cuddling
  • Measuring 68 x 15 inches (length x breadth) and 16 inches diameter, this pillow is larger than most average size alternatives found in the market.
  • It weighs about 10 pounds and is easily portable
  • Produced in USA.

HIGHLIGHTS – Unlike most other maternity cushions, Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow is a tad oversized. This helps women stretch out comfortably between naps. Free airflow between the polymers, also help in keeping things cool between the body and the surface of the pillow.


  • It supports the neck, hips, back and belly simultaneously, accessing equal weight distribution while resting or sleeping.
  • This pillow will never lump or flatten.
  • It can be used for performing a multitude of activities while sitting upright and reading books, magazines or watching television.
  • It is designed to accommodate the needs of pregnant women. Hence, performance is guaranteed.
  • Being U Shaped, this pillow can be used for sleeping on both sides, reducing chances of body cramps


  • Women might not get the chance to use it for a long time, as the men will eventually find excuses for borrowing it!
  • You might be late for office, as leaving the pillow and getting up in the morning will be a dreaded thought.

CLICK HERE TO BUY  Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow (Full Size)