Bra Extender For Pregnancy

The nine month journey through pregnancy can be a beautiful thing even still extreme lifestyle changes, diet, work load, travelling, and much more have to be heavily considered especially in the final stages of pregnancy. Most women don’t “feel” pregnancy until their second and third trimester, by then lifestyle changes wont be the only thing you’ll have to deal with.

The body changes dramatically during pregnancy. As the body expands to fit your ever-growing baby, your clothing may be changing as well. Unfortunately, many women don’t know about the bra extender. As your measurements change, the bra extender can be very helpful to still give you the support you need, with the most comfort.

What is a Bra Extender?

Must have - bra extender

Must have – bra extender

A bra extender is a rectangular piece that can fit as an add on to your hooks on the back of your bra, thus expanding the bra a couple extra inches.

Those couple inches can prove vital to your expanding body, giving you the extra comfort you need to handle the rest of the day. Anything that can help you feel more comfortable is better, since many pregnant woman go through hormonal changes as well.

Bra extenders come in different colors if needed, and different sizes. Everything from one inch hooks, to three inch hooks with rows of three and four. The bra extender can follow you through the stages of pregnancy, and be kept for other journeys if necessary.

Why Do You Need a Bra Extender?

Although pregnancy is the main reason for a bra extender, many woman wonder if the purchase is absolutely necessary since they’ll only be that size temporarily. Bra extenders all together are a good investment, even if you don’t plan to have anymore children.

Bra extenders expand bra life, so after pregnancy you can hold on to your favourite bra way longer instead of stretching it out and not being able to wear it again when you get back to your desired weight.

Another great benefit of a bra extender is that it helps with overall breast health. Many pregnant woman are already dealing with back pain due to there changing bodies, but bra extenders help with that problem by loosening the pressure caused by tight bras. The last thing you need during pregnancy is a tight bra.

Tight bras have been proven to cause shoulder and back pain, as many women with ill fitting bras have experienced. Also, tight bras increases the chances of breast cancer because of the restriction lymph nodes receive. The simple bra extender helps loosen the tight grip your bra has. The bra extender, great for pregnancy, also great for other reasons as well.

What Are the Different Types of Bra Extenders?

Bra extenders come in many different convenient sizes, but they are made of different types of material as well. There are two types of bra extenders, the hook, and the magnetic.

The hook bra extender is similar to the hooks on the back of your bra, so they attach the same way connecting to the other end of the bra. They Hook onto your bra’s hook and eyes to extend the reach of your bra band. They come in 1 hook, 2 hooks, 3 hooks, 4 hooks and 5 hooks bra extender.

Magnetic bra extenders have the same hooks to attach to your bra as well, but have a magnetic clasp in the middle to keep them together. This is great for woman who have a hard time getting all the hooks, and when your pregnant definitely is helpful. The only issue is that they are more expensive. They can be an extra seven dollars and up more expensive compared to the hook bra extender.

It depends on your own personal preference what bra extender type you want to purchase, all in all bra extenders in itself are a great investment.

For the pregnant woman bra extenders make a perfect fit and only offer many benefits for whoever is wearing it. The bra extender is a great tool to help with overall comfort and health.